Scorpion | Kel Bowie
Sep 30, 2016
Kell Bowie in bent back metal bondage
O.T. is going on a bug hunt and Kel Bowie is his prey. He has her chained by a metal collar to the ceiling with a bit gag in her mouth. With her all but defenseless bound like that, O.T. takes out his knife and cuts away her clothing so she is bare and exposed. This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel for him, not a fair fight at all. But O.T. isn't looking for a fair fight, he's looking for a victim.

Once Kel's clothes are off, O.T. gets her bent over in a nice metal box tie with her legs spread apart so her ass and pussy are open and ready for business. Looking at that nice round ass, though, O.T. gets distracted by its resemblance to a bulls-eye and decides it's time for some target practice. He takes out a bow and starts firing off some blunt arrows at his chosen target. Kel looks confused and upset, but that's bound to be the case when one is being hunted like game for entertainment.

After that, O.T. uses some belts and ties Kel up so that her back is bent into a brutal arch and her feet are up above her head. Her hands cling to the wooden rig she is strapped to as O.T. beats her ass and her feet with various sizes of canes. Her entire back side is red and bruised in no time, but that isn't enough for O.T.. He brings out his trusty whip and begins lashing at her whole body from her head to her toes. Her fingers try to dig in to the rig deeper, but nothing she does is going to relieve the pain of the torment she is experiencing. Although maybe the hitachi will help.

Predicament | Kel Bowie
Sep 7, 2016 presents Kel Bowie in extreme rope bondage
Some people find their way into bondage through friends, some through significant others, and some through sheer chance. Kel Bowie never had to find her way into it at all. As far as she's concerned, and as far as we can tell, Kel was born for bondage. She thinks about it all the time and always has. In the beginning of her session, in fact, she mentions the first time she was ever tied up at the fresh young age of nine. It's no wonder she found her way to our dungeon.

Kel has her arms tied back in a brutal strappado and her legs tied at the ankles to spread them as wide as they can go. As O.T. ties her neck rope to the ceiling she gets curious and wants to watch to see what he's doing. Matt Williams doesn't feel the need to humor this slut enough to look her in the face and tells her not to look at him unless he says otherwise. Kel does her best but she can't seem to keep her eyes off of his hands as he sets her up for her torment. It looks like Matt is going to have to teach her a lesson in listening to simple, basic instructions.

He cuts holes in her tight little dress so that he can attach some nipple clamps and canes all over her feet and legs. Her neck rope is so tightly tied to the ceiling that each time she squirms with discomfort, it chokes her a little tighter. Matt moves her around the room as he sees fit to more uncomfortable and intense positions, but she never loses the rope around her neck. She must have done a pretty bad job of listening, because pretty soon she is well acquainted with not just the feeling of the cane on her legs, but also barbecue skewers on her feet, and a flogger on her sensitive pussy.

Self-Inflicted Part 3 | Kel Bowie
May 14, 2016
129 Images40:60 Min Video
Kel Bowie wet and messy, eating out of dog bowl
Kel Bowie shows her appreciation for the mayonnaise Sexy redhead Kel Bowie hair pulled in neck rope
Rain DeGrey pulls Kel Bowie's red hair, licks her ear Kel Bowie, humiliated, eats off floor from dog bowls
Kel Bowie blind folded and eating from dog bowl Kel Bowie's bare knees resting on a bed of rice
Kel Bowie kneels in slave position on rice bed Rice marks and cuts in Kel Bowie's knees Kel Bowie crying as she tries to cum and Rain DeGrey flogs Hot, naked Kel Bowie answers questions nude

A Painful Finale For Kel

Blazing hot redhead Kel Bowie has been fucking herself up for our viewing pleasure for a while, but we can't let her have all of the fun. We need to get in on this act if we are going to truly enjoy ourselves, and besides, we know that she can take more punishment than she is willing to show us without some additional encouragement.

It's lunch time for our pet, and we have some pretty heinous options for her to satisfy her hunger with. There is nothing appetizing about what we put down in the dog bowls in front of her, and like any animal she's going to have to just put her face in and eat it up, making a huge mess in the process. We always knew Kel was a dirty girl. This just confirmed it.

Later on she'll call O.T. a great coach, but while she is trying to walk on her knees across a bed of rice she has nothing nice to say. The rice does its work beautifully opening up tiny cuts on her legs, but this is almost of thend of her shoot so we don't need to take it slow. Rain picks up a flogger and starts working Kel's back while the sexy submissive tries her damnedest to have an orgasm. O.T. grabs a whip and goes across her tits and ass with it, putting in some marks of his own for her to remember him by.

Bed of rice laid out waiting to torment Kel Bowie Kel Bowie's feet and toes flex in pain on rice Kel Bowie sits in slave position, kneeling on rice Kel Bowie kneels on rice as her tits are whipped

Self-Inflicted Part 2 | Kel Bowie
Apr 30, 2016
195 Images62:45 Min Video
Redhead Kel Bowie looks out with Black wiffle ball gag
Kel Bowie tormenting her own pussy Kel Bowie snaps tight rubber bands around her own neck
Kel Bowie kneeling in lingerie and ball gag Kel Bowie self punishes her tits with black rubber bands
Kel Bowie drooling and crying with wasabi in her nose Kel Bowie in predicament bondage with neck rope
Kel Bowie shows off whip and bite marks on ass Kel Bowie with tits and pussy clamped in back bridge Kel Bowie lying on floor ready to submit to more torment

Kel Bowie Trying Everything To Please

Kel Bowie is one of those people who loves bondage so much that she can't get enough of it, no matter who her handler is. She's a hot, little redhead who is willing to do the sickest things that our members come up with. In fact, we barely have to lay a hand on her, because she will enthusiastically punish herself as vigorously as we would.

Nothing is off limits for her, either. She'll gladly put clamps all over her body and pinch the hell out of her cunt if it will please the viewers. We like seeing her beat her own ass, especially with the dragon tail whip. She even contributes her own ideas on how we can make her life even more miserable. We brought out the butt plug. We told her to fuck her own ass with it. But she was the girl who thought it would be best to smear it with a mixture of wasabi and her own snot, get it nice and lubed up, and then drive it home.

This is what a quality live feed is made of. A submissive so into the torment that she can't get enough.
Kel Bowie snapping rubber bands against her own arm Stupid Kel Bowie with writing on her forehead Kel Bowie in arching back clip bondage predicament Kell Bowie tape gagged in predicament

Self-Inflicted Part 1 | Kel Bowie
Apr 23, 2016
107 Images43:55 Min Video
Sexy redhead Kel Bowie shocks herself with cattle prod
Hot redhead Kel Bowie plays with metal collar Beautiful redhead Kel Bowie shows off sexy body for members
Sexy redhead Kel Bowie legs spread in slave position Kel Bowie shows off her shoes and stockings
Horny redhead Kel Bowie arms up, sweating under stress Blonde Rain DeGrey grabs redhead Kel Boiw by tit
Kel Bowie shows off her perfect ass in the air. Kel Bowie ties herself up in self rope bondage Sexy Rain DeGrey bites Kel Bowie's perfect ass Kel Bowie face down and ass up in slave position

Self Bondage, Our Discipline

Kel Bowie is no stranger to BDSM. In fact, this lovely little submissive is so into the erotic arts that she has been know to engage in a bit of self-discipline. There is a bit of a conundrum for her now. Once her bondage is set we come in and make a couple of little adjustments, then she has until the count of "I'm bored" to wriggle and writhe her way free of it.

Here's the catch: if she gets out too fast, we'll know that the bondage that she did sucked, and she'll have to be punished. If she takes too long then we'll have to start abusing her to give her the incentive to work faster. We won't spoil the outcome for you here, but we will say that Rain DeGrey decided to step in and make things even more interesting.
Kel Bowie's panties showing in face down, ass up positi Kel Bowie worshipping boot like a good slave Kel Bowie has her panties pulled up into her pussy Kel Bowie forced to shock herself in self bondage

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